“Our IT-system is held together with hanger wires and tape”

GREAT BAY – Prime Minister William Marlin received a report about the ransom ware attack that paralyzed government departments in November of last year. The PM wants to read the report before making any comments about its contents.
Marlin said however, in respond to a question from this newspaper, that the government had not paid any ransom last year to solve the problem.
New virus attack on government IT-systems

This week the government’s IT-systems were again the target of a virus attack. “It shows how vulnerable our IT-system is,” Finance Minister Richard Gibson (see photo above) said. “Our IT-system is held together with hanger wires and tape. I have been saying for quite some time that the government’s IT-system needs a complete overhaul. Not only the tax department in general.”

Minister Gibson said that there is, “Light at the end of the tunnel and that there is a perspective on a fundamental solution”. Minister Gibson spoke with financial supervisor Cft and with members of the kingdom government, asking them to facilitate borrowing so that the IT-problem can be eliminated.”

“From the budget that I have steps will be taken to improve several areas in the system.” The minister said. “It is unfortunate that in this day and age we are still struggling with these kinds of issues. Other countries are way ahead of us as far as new IT-systems are concerned. This cannot be delayed. The 2017 budget contains a provision that enables us to spend 6 million guilders on fixing the tax department.”

Source: TODAY http://today.sx/government/system-held-together-hanger-wires-tape/