Photographers take part in street art project

Faces of Saint Martin
MARIGOT – Faces of Saint-Martin is a short-lived street art exhibition, directly inspired by the French artist JR’S Inside out project, which offers the possibility to share ones portraits, and history, and to deliver a message in the urban space. The Collectivité launched the project on Saturday.
“An Art work is supposed to evolve. It is completely normal to see these looks fading little by little, as if they were disappearing from our unconscious,” JR is quoted in a press release.
JR, born Jean René in Paris on February 22, 1983, is a French contemporary artist. Using photographic collage techniques, he exposes freely on walls all around the world, drawing the attention of those who do not frequently visit museums. His work mixes art and action, and deals with commitment, freedom, identity and limit.
This exhibition illustrates the diversity of Saint-Martin population and places back the human being in the heart of the city. This art exhibition installed in the streets will be visible by the largest numbers and allows the visitors to look into the eyes of the inhabitants of the island. It generates emotions, questioning and strengthens ties.
Through these portraits, this artistic initiative also invites the residents to rediscover the daily urban space, the tourists to roam in the city and the citizens to get involved in showcasing the cultural assets and the history of this territory.
Professional or amateur photographers of more than 18 years living in Saint-Martin were called to apply for the exhibition by the Collectivité. Each candidate proposed ten recent photos.
Five selected candidates provided ten photos – 8 adults’ portraits (men or women), one detail of a natural element and one detail of an architectural element of Saint-Martin. They have been printed in black and white on large format “blue back” paper (similar to elections posters or subway advertizing posters) and glued on the public domain city walls.
The participating photographers are Steph Deziles, Nathalie Beaurain, Pauline Rebin, Ismaä Sidi-Ikhlef and Glanny Baloula.
The photos are placed in strategic places in Marigot. The exhibition is not static and will evolve because the posters will be peeling and will get torn until they disappear in time, the dissolution being also part of the artistic approach of this street art project.

Source: TODAY