Police force offers tips after increase in armed robberies

St.maarten– The police force says in a press statement that there is an increase in armed robberies on the Dutch side of the island. “This situation should not raise any alarm; however it has raised some concern. The police force is doing its utmost to investigate and arrest those responsible for these criminal acts,” the press statement reads.

Anyone who may have information regarding any crime or criminal activity should contact the police at 542 22 22, 911 or the anonymous tip line # 9300.

The police offers the following tips to help people from becoming a victim of robbery: Avoid dark areas, because most robbers tend to rob people in those places. areas.

– Don’t go to the ATM during dark hours, plan ahead and get your cash during safer times

– Avoid carrying a lot of cash and other valuables

– Trust your instincts, if you sense trouble, get away as soon as possible

– Take a bus/taxi instead of walking home. If you have to walk, take some company

– Be very alert and observant

– Keep your money close to you, preferably not in a purse that hangs free from your hand

– Don’t advertise; don’t wear expensive or fancy looking jewelry

– Install apps like ‘find my phone’ or ‘find my mobile’ on your Smartphone

Source: Today SXM Police force offers tips after increase in armed robberies