Postal Services has to pay more to former director

GREAT BAY – Postal Services St. Maarten (PSS) has to pay its former Director Denicio Richardson an additional 61,888 guilders (close to $34,575), the Common Court of Justice ruled last week.

Earlier, Richardson received already 191,850 guilders as an advance payment after the court ruled that his suspension in December 2011 was unlawful.

The supervisory board suspended Richardson in December 2011 for overstepping his authority. Richardson had signed a check for 8,000 guilders to buy five computers PSS needed badly for its operations, while according to the supervisory board he was only allowed to sign checks up to 5,000 guilders.

The court found that not Richardson, but the supervisory board had overstepped its authority when it suspended its director, because limiting the authority to sign checks is not part of the company’s articles of incorporation.

The court established in its latest ruling that Richardson would have earned  a bit more than 245,000 guilders net between October 2010 and January 2013. Since Richardson received 191,850 as an advance payment, PSS is still liable for the difference of 53,238 guilders. Furthermore PSS has to pay for out of court collection costs.

Source: TODAY