PPA introduces new candidate Anique Liu

St. Maarten News —People’s Progressive Alliance (PPA) leader Gracita Arrindell announced on Sunday that Anique Liu will be contesting the September 26 parliamentary elections. “We are pleased to have Anique join the P.P.A. team as we further prepare to contest the upcoming Parliament elections on September 26th. The first time Ms. Liu participated as a candidate, it was during the January 22nd 2010 last Federal Elections as candidate number 7,” Arrindell said. “Prior to 2010, P.P.A participated for the first time as a new party for the then Island Council elections. With her support and that of other former candidates, PPA succeeded in winning a seat and served St. Maarten professionally and with dignity from 2003-2007.”

Arrindell said this second time, Liu will be more aware and ready to commit with a long term vision for a “Strong, Safe and Secure St. Maarten.” She said: “Anique is a very social, spontaneous, honest and straight forward woman and mother of two young children, who did not hesitate to once again step up to the plate as a candidate under the P.P.A. umbrella.”

“The last 12 years she has been active in the insurance business as well as being a business consultant. She has strong leadership skills, but also great sales advice and negotiating skills, a hard worker, who can handle stress and love to work with people all excellent assets for a candidate working in a complex and people oriented environment,” said the P.P.A leader.
Source: Today SXM PPA introduces new candidate Anique Liu