Quarter admits to being forced into sexual acts

Qure study into sexuality

St. Maarten – The average age for the first sexual encounter in Sint Maarten is 16.5 years and the age of a partner at that encounter is on average 18.7 years. This appears from a study into sex, sexuality and family planning conducted by Qure International among 840 households on the island.

The study revealed also some disturbing data. In 27 percent of the cases, citizens were forced or coerced to engage in sexual acts and 4 percent of those queries had sex with youngsters below the age of 16.

Giving oral sex (68 percent), receiving oral sex (75 percent), giving/receiving anal sex (19 percent). Vaginal sex (96 percent) and masturbation (56 percent) all give a candid insight in the sexual lives of citizens.

The report furthermore took stock of the types of sexual acts. This shows that 3 percent engages in sex with animals, 11 percent in orgies and 6 percent in acts of sadism and masochism.

The favorite sexual aids are video pornography (53 percent), internet (50 percent), print pornography (20 percent) and sex toys (31 percent).

The average number of sex partners over a life time (the research targeted the population aged 18 to 59) was 24.1, the average number of partners during the past year was 2.

The researchers also found that 23 percent of those queries abstained from sex altogether. This includes virgins and those who choose not to have sex at present.

Eleven percent of those queried said they often used drugs before sex and 16 percent used alcohol.

Interestingly, the researchers also asked about the relationship between beliefs and sex. They found that 21 percent does not engage in sex based on religious beliefs. Another 35 percent believes that sex should only occur between two people who are married and 70 percent said that people should have sex with only one partner. 84 Percent said that sexually active people should always have condoms with them and 52 percent finds that the media promote sexual promiscuity.

The sexual preference among those queried was purely heterosexual (86 percent) and 2 percent mostly homosexual. A large majority (76 percent) said that homosexuality is wrong and 42 percent said that people who are attracted to the same sex make them angry.

A quarter of those queried considers abortion an option in case of an unwanted pregnancy and 35 percent favors legalizing abortion.

Source: Today SXM Quarter admits to being forced into sexual acts