Real estate market shows signs of strength


Blueberry Hill

Artist’s impression of the Blueberry Hill project. Image

Jagtiani: “Blueberry Hill project sold out”

St. Maarten News – “The local real estate market is showing signs of recovery after years of suffering from the global economic downturn that began in 2007. Like most places around the world, St. Maarten’s economy has had its fair share of challenges,” realtor Arun Jagtiani says in a press statement.

There are several reasons to be optimistic according to Jagtiani of Island Real Estate Team, “Real estate is one of the most significant economic indicators for any country. Sadly our island does not publish official real estate statistics, but there are a few testimonies within the market that really stand out and give us good reason to be optimistic. The project that first comes to mind when I make this statement is Blueberry Hill in Madame Estate. Construction began just a few months ago and all inventory is already sold. It’s been many years since we have seen this kind of response to a new project in St. Maarten.”

Source: Today SXM Real estate market shows signs of strength