Richard Branson comes to St. Maarten for shark conservation talks

St. Maarten News – Sir Richard Branson, the iconic founder of the Virgin Group, will be in St. Maarten on June 15 for a conference about shark conservation. The conference is a follow up to the PEW Charitable Trusts conference Branson organized in February 2015 where agreements were made about the protection of sharks. Dignitaries from several islands in the Caribbean will attend the conference.

The Save our Sharks organization organizes a trip for Dutch journalists to this conference and to surrounding activities during Shark Week.

The Nature Foundation in St. Maarten and other environmental organizations united in the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance approached the Dutch Elasmobranch Society (NEV) to assist with a shark conservation project. The NEV brings together scientists, conservationists and policy makers in gathering scientific knowledge and promotes the interests of cartilaginous fishes (sharks and rays). The cooperation between the nature alliance and NEV resulted in Save our Sharks – a 3-year project that aims to revitalize the shark population around the six islands of the former Netherlands Antilles.

The Nationale Postcodeloterij finances the project that consists of protection, information and research.

Journalist will fly in June 14 from the Netherlands to St. Maarten and attend the conference with Richard Branson the following day. As a follow up to the conference Branson organized in February 2015, this event aims to make further agreements. Reputed speakers and experts are part of the conference.

Especially Saba and Bonaire have announced concrete steps during last year’s meeting. During the media trip there will be ample attention for these measures.

From June 16 to 22 the journalists will travel to Saba, Curacao and possibly Bonaire and visit sites on land and on water, guided by rangers, scientists and nature photographers who will provide elaborate explanations.

Source: Today SXM Richard Branson comes to St. Maarten for shark conservation talks