Safe Haven receives CPR and First Aid training

Safe Haven received 6-hour of CPR and First Aid training St. Maarten Red Cross on Friday, where they learned how to respond to an emergency, check an unresponsive person, do proper CPR, and help a choking or injured person.
Shelly Gordon, Head House Mother of Safe Haven, says “I’ve been First Aid trained from back in England, but this is a very nice refresher. Some of the of my team haven’t done First Aid training, so it’s all new to them, and they’re really happy that they’re doing it because they feel like they’re learning something new – something that’s going to be of use. Some have been trained but a long time ago, so we have all different levels from novices to advanced. I am so pleased that the Red Cross is sharing their experience and knowledge with us”.
“Emergencies can happen anywhere,” says Sherman Hughes, volunteer of the St. Maarten Red Cross, “and CPR and First Aid is a good skill to have in situations where a person may have an injury, or when speaking with a person in shock. Safe Haven is a place where people with problems are sheltered. You never know what kind of issues, or medical conditions they may have, but being trained in CPR and First Aid, prepares you to be able to help the person until professional help arrives”.
According to Cassandra Richardson, Director of Safe Haven, “I think everybody should go through a First Aid and CPR course, because like my community partner colleague says, emergencies can happen anywhere, and we are in the industry of serving others – providing humanitarian services so I believe it’s beneficial for us to have these skills. Therefore, we are very appreciative of having the Red Cross teach us these very necessary skills – skills that is important for everyone in the community to learn”.

Source: TODAY