Scared but not leaving

Dear Editor,

I am scared to death and a great number of people in St. Maarten with me also. We are afraid of our Prime Minister, the not so honorable Mr. Marcel Gumbs and of the VDSM (the Secret Service of Sint Maarten).

Miss Regina Labega applied for the position as director of the Princess Juliana Airport in 2010 as Mr. Holiday was leaving to become our new governor. Miss Labega was chosen out of a number of extremely qualified applicants. As far as I know she has been doing a very good job. In her function she has to meet with persons of all levels, and she does this extremely well. I know her as a very intelligent, very motivated, very hardworking lady who gets things done through her charm and her respect for others.

Miss Labega has been screened by the VDSM. In September she received a letter dated September 18. In that letter she was given 6 weeks to appeal the fact that she did not pass the screening.

The prime minister has to give her a certificate of no objection in order for her to continue working in her present function. He refused to do this, based on the findings of the VDSM. The Secret Service will not disclose the nature of their findings. They must protect the sources of information.

Who is protecting Miss Labega? Thank God she can afford a good lawyer to defend her. According to the VDSM Miss Labega did not pass the screening Because of her “personal behavior” and because there are “serious doubts about her integrity.”

Miss Labega has six weeks from September 18th to defend herself but the big question is: against what. This is happening in St. Maarten in the year anno domini 2015. I am scared, but I am not leaving.

I am a physician and am working as a general practitioner in this country, a position I find very important. So I am inviting the VDSM to come and screen me too. You guys are most welcome. I live at Pelican Road 16 in Point Blanch, my phone numbers are 542 99 53 and 522 65 87. My email address is:

Thank you for placing this letter in your newspaper.

Dr. Neville de Weever (Labega).

Source: Today SXM Scared but not leaving