Seminar aims to connect St. Maarten with Africa

St. Maarten – The Africa Caribbean Heritage Alliance Foundation (Acha), closes off 2015 with a seminar on the theme of leadership and positive connections. It is aimed at finding more positive ways to connect St. Maarten and the broader Caribbean with Africa. The seminar will be held this Wednesday from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. at TDC (aboce UTS) and on Thursday from 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. at the John Larmonie Center on Long Wall Road, The two day training will include lunch and an information kit with a John Maxwell’s Manual ‘Put Your Dreams To The Test.’.

Leadership is a timely topic for the end of the year as it motivates a vision to create something new, to do the right things and to identify the most effective participatory process towards achieving those goals.  “Applying Dr. John Maxwell’s ideology that is based on intentional and transformational leadership, the positive connections and leadership seminar will prepare participants for a more intentional and inspiring vision in 2016 by guiding them to amongst others: discover your purpose; put your dreams to the test; and to get rid of those fears that prevent you from taking your passion to the next level.” Acha-President Okama Ekpe Brook said in a press statement.

The seminar will also include sessions on how to use the DISC Human Behaviour Training Kit and applying tested 21st century leadership principles to build positive business, cultural, educational and tourism connections within the Caribbean and with Africa. Finding ways to stimulate the economy is one of ACHA’s focus areas.

In the leadership sessions, some basic human behaviour questions will be covered including:

Have you ever been frustrated with people and wondered why people think the way they do?

Do you often think people behaved randomly and unpredictably?

Do you sometimes wonder what people are thinking?

Do you have a clear view of where you see yourself in the future?

What if you could really achieve your dreams?

What if there is a way for you to see it and seize it?

To complete the program of ACHA, on Friday December 11th, 2015, an African Night event will take place at the Heritage House on Front Street (close to the pink Sea view Hotel) at 7:30 p.m. This part of the program is a show and tell, taste and to giving a feel of African culture and heritage from the perspective of food, fashion, dance, music, arts, crafts and folklore. “You will get to network with Africans on St. Maarten, do some Christmas shopping of African products at discounted rates, taste some delicious African dishes and dance to authentic African music,” Brook stated. Entrance fee is US$40 and includes food. Beverages and other items will be available for purchase. There will also be space for vendors to display and sell their wares. The cost for vendors is 475 per table.

“So if you have ever wanted to know more about Africa, either just out of interest or because it’s part of your heritage, or wondered about doing business in Africa and how you could get started, or want to visit Africa, live in Africa, tour Africa, and or help Africa, or to taste some Nigerian food like moimoi, akara, jollof rice, gari & egusi soup, or you are an African living on St. Martin and just want to link up, no reason to wait any longer,” Brook stated. “Pull out that African attire of yours and join us for a fun time, African style. You might even win a prize or two.”

The aim of the Positive Connections and Leadership Seminar and African Night 2015 are to introduce to the Caribbean, the emerging role of Africa as a significant partner in the socio-economic and cultural development of the Caribbean. “You will go away from the seminar with tools on how to build and strengthen positive connections with key players in Africa; match your business within and with Africa; and discover your purpose while getting rid of those fears that prevent you from achieving your legacy,” Brook stated.” Through this event Acha wishes to find meaningful ways to continue the education process and to more positively reconnect with our ancestral roots.

The key trainer, Ade Adeyimi is the president of Leadership Impact Dynamics, LLC in Florida, USA. He is an international speaker, life coach and trainer and a certified advance human behaviour consultant. Adeyimi’s organization is dedicated to helping individuals improve their effectiveness by raising their leadership qualities. He is a lifelong student of leadership and has a passion for helping people get from here to there.

Acha-President Okama Ekpe Brook will complement the training with a session dedicated to knowing the ins and outs of exploring the continent of Africa, the uniqueness of each region from north to south, east, west and central and how to make those positive connections be it for pleasure, tourism, business or ancestral heritage.

Adeyimi is a graduate with a Civil Engineering degree from the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, formally Ogun state polytechnic in Nigeria. In 1990 he migrated to the USA to pursue a career as an airline pilot. He started working at KFC as cook making $4.25 while attending flight school. After obtaining his private pilot license he continued working with KFC where he was already a manager. He always claimed that he was in the people business and just happened to be selling food. In 1993 as a training manager he was asked to train David Novak, who became the president of KFC and currently the Executive Chairman of Yum Brands.

In 2012, as the concession operations manager at the Fort Lauderdale airport, Adeyimi collaborated with the Food Network to open the first ever Food Network Kitchen at the JetBlue terminal. This 3000 sq. foot, 30 seat restaurant generated a record $247,000 in its first week.

His goal-oriented outlook on life and passion for helping others reach their goals led him to join the John Maxwell Team. Prior to joining the team, he spent 22 years in the Hospitality Industry as an Operations Executive rising through the ranks from a cook to a Director of Operations managing a $60 Million business and 720 team members. All that time he was mentored by John Maxwell through his books and the Maximum Impact monthly mentoring resources. Adeyimi attained a human behaviour consultant certification to enhance his ability to help people reduce stress and improve productivity. His clients include several small businesses as well as national brand executives. Adeyimi is a dynamic keynote speaker and Bible teacher. His ministry includes the Leadership Impact Dynamics, the Leadership Insights Dynamics and the Ade Adeyemi Ministry. Ade as a widowed father of five children resides with his family in Florida.

The seminar and African Night are organized through a partnership between ACHA represented by Okama Ekpe Brook, a Nigerian citizen who is a resident of St. Maarten and the Leadership Impact Dynamics, LLC by Ade Adeyimi, a resident of the United States. Adeyimi is also a Nigerian citizen who wish to encourage more positive partnerships between Africa and the Caribbean through the ACHA Foundation.

All funds raised will go towards supporting Acha Foundation projects in St. Martin.

Tickets are available at National Institute of Arts, Long Wall Road and Ikemba Store 125 Front Street, Philipsburg.

To register online, log onto: https// or contact Okama Ekpe Brook (email:; cell: 520 72 86.


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