Senator Arnell commends journalists

MARIGOT, St. Martin — Senator Guillaume Arnell continued his tradition of inviting journalists for the each New Year to highlight his achievements, this time at the Parapal Hotel in Concordia on Saturday evening. Among the invitees were Préfète Délégué Anne Laubies, President of the Collectivité Aline Hanson, vice presidents Wendel Cocks and Ramona Connor.

Arnell pointed out that journalists play an important role in a democratic society by disseminating information to the public and contributing to the education of the people about politics and government policies. He noted that the people are basically interested in the message of the politicians and the role of the press is to bridge the gap between the politicians and world at large.

“If it was not for the internet, social media and radio, television and print media it would have been difficult for people to know in an instant what is happening around the world. I have never been a victim or been unjustly targeted by the press through erroneous statements,” Arnell said.

During the dinner Arnell launched a booklet that highlighted the service and the interventions that were made during his tenure. This new booklet is planned for publication twice a year.

He said that some members of the metropolitan community were invited “because there is still need to penetrate this community in the time of an election. In bad times there are people around you so it is obvious that you should share the good times with them,” Arnell said.

Source: Today SXM Senator Arnell commends journalists