Serial rapist faces 6 years for another violent crime

GREAT BAY – Rolandito Olivio Richardson is already serving a 12-year sentence for two counts of rape and one count of ill-treatment, but yesterday he was in court again as the suspect in a stabbing that took place on December 28, 2015. The public prosecutor demanded 6 years against the defendant. The Court in First Instance pronounces its verdict on September 6.

Finding the suspect in this case was almost too easy. A piece from a tee shirt was found at the crime scene and because investigators found similarities between this crime and the earlier crimes he committed in February and April of 2015, every time on day 27 of each month. Richardson’s DNA was in the database and a comparison with what they found at the scene of the latest crime was a match.

In the night of December 27 and 28, the suspect forced the door of the home of his victim. He had a knife in his hand and told the woman he found in the home that he had come to kill her. The victim offered him money to go away but he refused. After a struggle he began stabbing the woman in her back, her arms and her hands.


The woman’s son and daughter came to the rescue after hearing their mother’s screams; Richardson put his knife to the daughter’s throat. The girl is on the floor, fearing for her life, but she nevertheless grabbed the tee shirt of her attacker and did not let go. Richardson cut himself loose and fled, leaving a crucial piece of evidence behind.

The victim’s daughter recognized Richardson in a photo confrontation as the man who attacked her and the public prosecutor considered proven that the defendant had attempted to kill the mother.

Richardson denied all charges; he contested the results of the photo confrontation and the reliability of the witness statements. His attorney Marlon Hart asked the court to acquit his client.

The public prosecutor noted that the Royal Anguilla Police force describes Richardson as “one of the top targets of serial offenders and one of Anguilla’s most violent and dangerous offenders.” The prosecutor said that Richardson is big danger to the society and that he has to be sent to prison for a long time and demanded a prison sentence of 6 years. The demand takes into account that Richardson was earlier sentenced for crimes he committed after the December 2015 attack.

The consequences of the violent attack have traumatized the victim. The woman still suffers attacks of fear and she did not dare staying in the home where she had lived for a long time. She moved shortly after the attack. The stabbing caused damages to a nerve that hampers the movement of one of her hands. She is still under treatment for this in the Dominican Republic. The victim can no longer do her work as a seamstress because of the injury to her

Source: TODAY