Share X Mobility introduces electric cars on the island

MARIGOT, St. Martin – A new transportation company has entered the market and is offering potential clients an easier way of getting around the island with electric vehicles. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Share X Mobility Senga Songha, “this venture brings a new way to use transportation for tourists and residents alike.”

Electric cars may change the way people use transportation; they are also more efficient and save money. Songha pointed to the cost of ownership, the constant need for maintenance and escalating fuel cost for traditional cars.

Car owners also have to deal with depreciation, traffic, parking and pollution. With the electric vehicles, “we leave them only with worries about getting to their destination,” he said.

Because electric cars are emission-free, quiet, five times more energy efficient with fewer moving parts than an internal combustion engine, they are perfect for urban communities. This vehicle has been tested on all roads on the island and has outperformed most non-EV vehicles easily. “We are not saying that that the EV beats the Range Rover up a hill but we do it without having to announce it to the entire neighborhood.”

Share X Mobility has a fleet of Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicles and a six meter cargo van which will certainly assist those who are suffering on the road and burning up their money in their engines as they sit in the traffic for hours, said Songha. “The time has come where the island has better cars with advanced features and easy access.”

The only sound you hear from an electric car comes from the speakers and not from the engine. When it starts it does not jerk in order to move off. In the console it has a Bluetooth hands free system, a reverse view camera and an 18 cm DVD system with a hard drive.

“We bring worry free cars to the island with a transport system that works through a network of users. They will result in improved and affordable travel,” Songha said.

Source: Today SXM Share X Mobility introduces electric cars on the island