Shooting in Madame Estate

St. Maarten – The police department is presently investigating a case in which a group of men were shot at while they were standing in front of a home on Paradise Island Road in Madame Estate.

The incident took place on Sunday between 3.30 and 4 a.m. The victims stated that they were involved in a fight earlier that night at the Tantra Night Club. After the fight they had left to go home. Later while they were in conversation with each other in Madame Estate a dark colored vehicle with tinted windows turned up and drove up to the group and the persons in the vehicle started shooting at them.

They took off running to avoid being shot. According to the victims multiple shots were fired at them. The suspect vehicle and suspects left the scene right after the shooting. The Central Dispatch was immediately informed and sent police patrols and detectives to the scene to investigate what was going on.

None of the victims were injured from any of the gun shots that were fired. The area was closed off for the Forensic Department to collect evidence while detectives were questioning witnesses. It is still unclear who the suspects are and why the shooting took place.

Source: Today SXM Shooting in Madame Estate