Slurpy ready for service in Simpson Bay Lagoon

SlurpySt. Maarten News – Boats in and around the Simpson Bay Lagoon can now properly dispose of onboard sewage by using the services of the sewage pump out boat Slurpy.  The boat is owned by the local foundation Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (Epic), which recently completed repairs to the boat, after it sustained damages during Hurricane Gonzalo in 2014. The Business Point, a service company located in Simpson Bay, operates the boat.

According to international law, boaters must be at least twelve nautical miles from land to legally discharge untreated sewage. Slurpy provides boaters in and around the Lagoon a much more convenient, hygienic, and environmentally responsible option. 

The boat is designed to serve vessels with storage tanks up to 125 gallons. Waste stored in Slurpy’s sealed tank is securely disposed of in a larger land-based holding tank which is then pumped out by a septic truck and transported to the wastewater treatment facility.

Our survey of boaters using Simpson Bay Lagoon showed that pump out services are expected, particularly among North American and European visitors,” Epic-President Natalia Collier noted. “A total of 86% of respondents thought the lagoon should be designated a no sewage discharge zone and three-quarters said they would use a mobile pump out service.”

Hyacinth Joseph, Managing Director of the Business Point, expressed her enthusiasm for the project. “We are excited to be a part of this much-needed environmental initiative and are dedicated to ensuring the success of the operation through excellence in customer service.” The boat operator is a licensed captain with many years of experience successfully running charter boats in St. Maarten.

The sewage pump out boat is part of Epics’ Love the Lagoon Project, which works to protect and restore the Simpson Bay Lagoon, one of the largest inland lagoons in the West Indies, a crucial ecosystem, and center of the maritime industry.

The pump out boat service is made possible through key support from CA Technologies, Island Global Yachting, Princess Port de Plaisance, the Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority, St. Maarten Shipyard, and Wired Sailor.

Boaters can schedule an appointment on VHF Channel 10, by phone at 544 33 15, or email

To learn more about being a pump out boat sponsor, contact Epic at 545-3009 or

Source: Today SXM Slurpy ready for service in Simpson Bay Lagoon