Sr. Basilia Center gets Skoolpads

St. Maarten News:  – Sr. Basilia Center clients received twelve SkoolPads, the 2-in-1 tablet and laptop designed specifically for educational purposes. This donation was announced during the recently held Caribbean Technology & Education Conference. Earlier in 2015, President of the Foresee Foundation and project manager of the DigiKidz program, José Sommers, had a meeting with the shareholder of Paradigit Arjen de Koning, who participates yearly in the Heineken Regatta.

They already met years before and after ample research it was decided to equip the DigiKidz Schools with the infrastructure and devices of Skool. Based on the level of partnership with Skool, Sommers expressed the wish to have Skool BV make a worthy donation outside the DigiKidz project for a very special group of children, who are not included in the project but definitely need the special care and attention of the community and business world: the clients of Sr. Basilia Center, St. Maarten’s residential and daycare center for people with disabilities.

Skool representative Pecko Leenen, who came over for the CTEC conference, explained in his donation speech, that they annually receive numerous donation requests. However, the company unanimously acknowledged that this was an exceptional good one, not only contributing to St. Maarten education and showing social responsibility, but especially to Sr. Basilia. “From the deepest of our heart we find that people and especially kids with disabilities have abilities too. And that is what this donation should be all about. Making sure those abilities blossom and shine so that all the dreams they have eventually can come true.”

Carlson Richardson, Department Manager of Sr. Basilia Center, who was visibly touched by the kind donation. He explained that “seeing the ever changing world of technology, the clients of the Sister Basilia Center can also now use digital information and interactive programming in their classrooms.” Carlson and the center’s management are working hard on getting client friendly software on the devices. He promised to make full use of it.

On behalf of the Sister Basilia Center, he thanked Skool BV for the generous donation and showed his appreciation to the Foresee Foundation that took its projects a step further by including Sr. Basilia and its clients.

Source: Today SXM Sr. Basilia Center gets Skoolpads