St. Maarten Government meets with Dock Maarten

St. Maarten News:  The Council of Ministers will meet with Dock Marina director Brian Deher today to discuss the dispute about developments in Great Bay, where the port is fighting a building permit Dock Maarten obtained for building a breakwater on its own water rights, while the port does nothing against illegal construction activities by Dock’s neighbor Bobby’s Marina.

New construction activities by Bobby’s Marina have met with a stop order from the Vromi-ministry, but in spite of this, the work still continues.

The pictures show how far the development of Bobby’s Marina has gone over the past fifteen years. In the 2002 image everything is within reason, but more than a decade later the piers have taken up significantly more space. According to Dock Maarten these constructions are illegal because the marina does not have water rights where the new piers are located.

Source: Today SXM St. Maarten Government meets with Dock Maarten