St. Maarten Hospital now has specialist for ear, nose and throat ailments


St. Maarten News – Otolaryngologist Dr. Anouk Van Peteghem started working at the St. Maarten Medical Center on Monday to provide ear, nose and throat medical services.

Dr. Van Peteghem earned her medical background in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. As an ear-nose-throat surgeon, she received her training in Brussels, Belgium, several hospitals in the Netherlands and in Mexico where she deepened her knowledge in rhinology (study of the nose and its diseases).

Born in Belgium, Dutch is her native language, and given her experience in different countries, she is also fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Dr. Van Peteghem chose to move with her husband and two children to St. Maarten because, in her own words, “I would like to work in an environment where I can pay attention to each patient in the way he or she deserves. I can perform as an all-round specialist with emphasis on pediatric and general ear-nose-throat including hearing improvement, nose and sinus problems and snoring as a problem. Furthermore, I can provide care for head and neck ailments such as diminished quality of voice, oncology and balance disorders caused by the inner ear.”

She continues, “I would also like to pay attention to the prevention of hearing related illnesses; for example, professional (work related) hearing protection, hearing protection for youngsters and neonatal hearing screening.”

Dr. Van Peteghem describes exceptional patient care as with empathy and compassion: identifying the problem and the patient’s expectation then explaining and treating according to the best medical practice with shared decision making between doctor and patient.

Dr. Van Peteghem office is located in the newly opened Care Complex. For appointments call 543 11 11 extension 1345. A referral letter is needed for SZV insured clients.

Source: Today SXM St. Maarten Hospital now has specialist for ear, nose and throat ailments