St. Maarten Police arrest four, seize drugs and three guns

wwfirearmOne of the firearms police found in the car. Photo KPSM

St. Maarten  – Police arrested four men for drugs and firearm possession yesterday around noon on the Union Road close to the French border. The multidisciplinary team caught the men –aged between 15 and 33 – during a general control.

The officers stopped a car with a French license plate and smelled a strong marijuana odor coming from its interior. They searched the car and found two bags containing a considerable amount of compressed marijuana.

The officers arrested K.A.L. (33), G.A.L. (25), T.V.W. (19) and D.B.R. (15) on the spot and took them to the police station in Philipsburg for interrogation.

A more thorough search of the car yielded three loaded handguns that were concealed under the center console between the driver’s and the passenger’s seat.

Police expressed concern about the fact that the youngest detainee is just 15 years of age and urged parents to keep an eye on their offspring.

Source: Today SXM St. Maarten Police arrest four, seize drugs and three guns