St. Maarten Sport: Reputations and egos at stake as season is set to peddle off

St. Maarten News – The hardest part for any professional or amateur racing cyclists is getting back on the saddle after an extended period, the second hardest part is getting back in shape for racing at the start of a new season.

When the cyclists go to the line in Grand Case this Sunday for the first race road race of the season organized by VCG, it is expected to be a challenging event for the riders that will be aiming to make an impression for their respective clubs.

The event which is being dubbed as the ‘La Rond De Grand Case’ bike race will be divided into categories, seniors, juniors and veteran cyclists. Those in the junior category, seniors and veteran cyclists will have to navigate a specified 7k route 10 times.

The Cadets will also have to cover the 7k route 10 times, the females and masters will do 6 tours of the 7k route, the Minimes and Benjamins will ride for 3 laps and the Pupilles will ride for one lap.

The veterans and ladies will ride for six laps, those in the 14 and under will ride for three laps, U-12, two laps and those in the 10 and under age bracket will only have to cover one lap. The trophies for that event is sponsored by Nissan & Renault Saint Martin Cars, Sandy ground.

After a record amount of entries in the 2015 season, a huge turn out can be anticipated for this event where reputations as well as egos will be at stake in the senior category. However in the masters, ladies and junior categories, keen rivalry is expected.

Source: Today SXM St. Maarten Sport: Reputations and egos at stake as season is set to peddle off