Sucker Garden Road and Arch Road close

St. Maarten News – Road works will be carried out on Sucker Garden Road and Arch Road starting Saturday until next week Tuesday.

The intersection of Sucker Garden Road/Arch Road will be closed for through traffic from both directions.  Concrete barriers will be placed at 6 a.m. on Saturday; they will be removed next week Wednesday at 6 a.m.

Only residents living along this section of Arch road will be allowed access to their homes.  All other motorized traffic including waste disposal trucks and emergency vehicles, will have to use Sucker Garden Road/Walter Nisbeth Road/Soualiga Boulevard to access the Landfill at Pond Island or take Arch Road, right for only residents and left to reach Madame Estate/Dutch Quarter.

Civil works will take place in this area; starting at the intersection Sucker Garden Road turn left on to Arch road up to Robbie’s Lottery booth.

Civil works will take place from Sucker Garden road via the new road crossing on the intersection Sucker Garden/Arch road – then alongside the left side on the Sucker Garden road ending at United Telecommunications Service (UTS)  new cell site on Spring Garden Drive. Work alongside this route will be from intersection to intersection, starting from the intersection Sucker Garden/Arch Road to Umbrella Cactus Drive. From there to Leaf Cactus Drive, then to Gold Finger Cactus Drive and the last stretch from Gold Finger Cactus Drive to Spring Garden Drive ending at the new UTS cell site.

Civil works will also be in this area starting from Sucker Garden area Flanders up to the former kindergarten school on Sucker Garden road.

These civil works will start at sunrise and will continue until sunset. 

UTS is laying of new conduits, Gebe puts in a new waterline on a section of Sucker Garden Road and a new road crossing will be made at the intersection Arch Road/Sucker Garden Road.

Source: Today SXM Sucker Garden Road and Arch Road close