Sunwing Group wants large all-inclusive hotel on St. Maarten

St. Maarten News – Minister Ingrid Arrindell (Tourism and Economic Affairs) is negotiating with the Sunwing Group about the construction of a 450-room 5-star all-inclusive hotel in St. Maarten.

The minister mentioned the project as one of many examples that are in the works to improve the country’s tourism product. Other initiatives are a focus on music festivals during the low season, sports tourism, blending with the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. A WSOP circuit event has been scheduled for the fall, but the WSOP publishes it circuit event agenda only after the World Series is over.

Source: Today SXM Sunwing Group wants large all-inclusive hotel on St. Maarten


  1. All inclusive resorts are generally found in countries where either safety is an issue or where facilities are scarce (restaurants, shopping, things to do) or both. Think of places like Dominican Republic, Jamaica or Middle East.

    SXM is safe, has 37 beaches, great shopping, amazing restaurants, has the unique French/Dutch side combination, gambling and vibrant night life… WHY ON EARTH would we want to encourage another all inclusive to come here and kill off the local economy?!!

    What we need is to focus again on more upscale boutique hotels and their clientele. People that want to explore the island and spend well doing so. THAT would stimulate the economy and improve the lives of many residents!

  2. I would never stay at an all-inclusive resort in SXM myself. I like to rent a car and go to a different beach each day and a different restaurant every night. That’s what is so interesting about SXM! And what about the shopping in the market place in Marigot and in Phillipsburg? The French restaurant’s in Grand Case? I don’t want to be stuck in one grand hotel with a pool when I could visit over 37 beaches!