The patriot Miguel Arrindell writes: Family values

Dear Editor,

As our country deteriorates in morality and values so do the families of the country. The big picture of a successful individual is not only how much money you make but how you earn it. The beautiful aspect of a family is not how big your house is but how happy you are and the quality of life you live. It is the example you set for your children.

Both mother and father should live by and set a good example for their children. Father and mother have to love each other and treat each other good as much as possible in front their children so boys and girls know how a man should treat a woman and a woman should treat a man.

Parents should always show honor and teach their children values and faithfulness. Values define what character you have. Men and women of good character do not lie to each other or cheat on each other, even more importantly they will respect each other and be loyal and faithful to each other.

A person can give gifts and money because they can afford it but that does not mean they love you. Love is something that has to be proven. If a husband or a wife get a stroke and that person will need special help for the rest of their life would the other partner be there for them until death do them part?

Honor is to regard with great respect. Loyalty is to be faithful with great respect and also obedient. Can we truly look at our girl friend or boyfriend or husband or wife and swear that we are or will be loyal and faithful and obedient to your vow you make with each other?

Feel free to ask them and check their initial response, I assure you it will be a life learning experience. If a couple (man and woman) or family can fulfill this reality to each other then they are truly happy and have the quality to become good leaders, because they are living it by example.

The truth is if man or woman passing in or sleeping sometimes by a partner can never be a good example of love, especially if one of the partners has children by another person. The children will believe that is the norm. How would you be able to teach them honor, loyalty and respect if the life style they see is not of that. Would that person treat the other person’s children as his own and set a good example? Or is he or she only there for the good sexual pleasure.

When we break our values and loyalty and honor we will never be happy because sooner or later the truth will be reveal. The question is how much years will people deceive themselves of living a lie. The conclusion is for life to be meaningful; live by faithfulness, loyalty, honor and obedience for that will surely be the joy of life. Material gifts last for a while but true love is for a life time. Hold on to the value of family and character.

The patriot Miguel Arrindell

Source: Today SXM The patriot Miguel Arrindell writes: Family values