Theo Heyliger distributes pencil cases again

St. Maarten News – UP-leader Theo Heyliger once again visited several elementary schools, giving away pencil cases to students who annually look forward to this gesture. As customary a motto is printed on the pencil cases which serves as a motivation for the students. This year the motto was inspired by a close friend of the MP that has since passed away; “Theo says: Education is the key for living well.”

After 10 years of the annual give- away program, MP Heyliger has now given away 60,000 pencil cases to students. 
This year it was decided to give away the pencil cases at the beginning of the second school term based on feedback received from teachers. The teacher’s stance was based on students normally being well equipped with school supplies at the beginning of the school year verses running out of school supplies midway.

MP Heyliger and his team will continued visiting schools up to yesterday ensuring that all students and staff members of the various school receive a pencil case.  “Education and the general welfare of our child will always be close to my heart,” MP Heyliger said in a press release. 

Source: Today SXM Theo Heyliger distributes pencil cases again