Timeshare fees and car rental tax drop

St. Maarten News: Judging by the numbers presented in the draft 2016 budget, the pain for the fledgling timeshare industry on the island is becoming visible.

For 2015, the budgeted timeshare fees stood at 5.9 million guilders, but this year the government expects to collect only 4.3 million – a decrease of 27.8 percent.

With the timeshare fees tax revenue from rental cars also drops dramatically. In 2015 this was good for 1.6 million, this year the projection is just above 1 million guilders – a drop of 34.1 percent.

Source: Today SXM Timeshare fees and car rental tax drop


  1. Wow the writing is on the wall. SXM wake up and smell the coffee!!!

    Time to put intelligent heads together and come up with a plan of action to tackle the decline.