Today editorial: Lying Minister

 ~ Today ~ Editorial ~ Oct 21, 2016 ~

Lying Minister
It appears now that Tourism end Economic Affairs Minister Ingrid Arrindell has been lying about the candidacy of Rolando Brison as director for the St. Maarten Tourism Authority.

Contrary to what the minister claimed in August, Brison was not the top candidate for all members of the selection committee. She also broke the agreement to vet the top-three candidates first and announced an appointment afterwards.

With MP Silvio Matser in the background it may be understandable that this happened, but it remains unforgivable.

To add insult to injury, the supervisory council of the STA made crystal clear yesterday that it will not support Brison’s appointment. That means that Brison will not get the job, because hiring and firing is the council’s prerogative.

Even on Wednesday, when she must have been aware of the supervisory council’s position, Arrindell maintained that the department of legal affairs is now looking at the articles of incorporation of the STA “to see how we can move forward.”

Not a word about the council’s refusal to hire Brison. As the new government is about to be formed, the matter will soon be out of Arrindell’s – and Matser’s – hands and that is probably the best thing that could happen to the STA.

Source: Today


  1. Nice to see sxm-talks sharing an editiorial post, which is may I add based on opinions, sought to dilute the intregrity of the Minister. This news site is biased for very apparent reasons.

    • We share editorials from various sources depending if it’s a topic being discussed widely in the community, like the one above. The Minister has been very quick to point fingers but has yet to clarify why she went ahead and sent a job offer to one of the candidates before the application process was completed.

  2. So happy this poor excuse for a Minister is being relieved of her (non) duties. What a mess this airhead has created and straight up lies she tellin. Good riddance!