Two armed robberies, six years in jail

St. Maarten – Dillan Jamar Wallace committed two armed robberies on one day – May 18 of this year – and yesterday he received his punishment for these crimes in the Court in First Instance: 6 years of imprisonment.

At Usave, the first supermarket, Wallace, who is just 18, gave his gun to his fellow-robber who threatened the owner and his father with a firearm, pushed them and hit them with his gun, before making off with $300. At the second target, the Chen supermarket Wallace operated alone and he threatened the owner and his wife with his gun before taking $600.

Wallace denied that he took part in the robberies, but the court found the statement from his co-defendant Rodriguez-Mendez and other supporting evidence sufficient for a conviction. The court saw no reason to consider Rodriguez-Mendez’ statement as unreliable.

The court sentenced the second robber at Usave, Moises David Rodriguez-Mendez to 1 year conditional youth detention, with 2 years of probation, 150 hours of community service, or, if he does not do this properly, 75 days of detention.

Because Rodriguez-Mendez was just 15 when he committed the robbery, the court applied the special articles for youthful offenders.

Source: Today SXM Two armed robberies, six years in jail