University launches law program next Thursday

GREAT BAY – The University on Pond Island will launch the St. Maarten law program next week Thursday in room 202 at 5.30 p.m.

The program is collaboration between the University of Curaçao, the University of St. Martin and the St. Maarten Law School Foundation. The initiative is the brainchild of Minister of Finance Richard Gibson, in close collaboration with Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs.

It is the culmination of the work done by the committee decreed by Minister Gibson. The members of this committee are the acting Governor Reynold Groeneveldt, Vice-President of the Council of Advice Mavis Brooks-Salmon; Ombudsman Dr. Nilda Lynch-Arduin; and the attorneys Gaston Bell and Patricia Phillips, liaised with the University of St. Martin, the University of Curaçao, and various other stakeholders, to make the wishes of the Minister of Finance a reality.

Dr. Rhoda Arrindell will head the start-up process as coordinator on behalf of the government and run a pre-law program that allows high school graduates with a CXC, O level or HAVO diploma to receive a propaedeutic certificate in order to transition into the academic law program. The pre-law, which consists of a year and a half long study, is of course open to all who do not automatically qualify.

A Colloquium doctum is a specialized admission exam for persons at least 23 years old who do not have the prerequisites to immediately enroll in the law program, but are interested in pursuing the accredited Bachelor and Master degree (Ba/Ma) in Dutch Antillean Law, a program to be coordinated by Dr. Arrindell. “I know from first-hand experience the value of being able to study at home, and especially studies in law. To say that we need our own home-bred lawyers is an understatement. Thanks to the initiative by the Minister of Finance, and the cooperation of all involved, it is now a reality for St. Martin,” she said in a press statement.

“The opportunity to realize this goal for higher education, whereby the law degree course can be followed on St. Maarten, is a sign of growth and will have tangible benefits for St. Maarten and its people. It will be a dream come true for many here on the island,” Minister Silveria Jacobs said.

Next week Thursday detailed information will be provided by the President of the University of Curaçao, Dr. Francis Delannoy; the Dean of the School of Law, Dr. Flora Goudappel; the President of the Board of the University of St. Maarten Foundation, Valerie Giterson-Pantophlet; and Minsters Richard Gibson and Silveria Jacobs.

Those interested in signing up are urged to contact the USM’s student service center officer, Patricia Jansen at (542-5171 Ext. 0), or coordinator Dr. Rhoda Arrindell at (520-1136).

Source: TODAY