UP-leader commends police for arrest robbery-suspects

St. Maarten News – Leader of the United People’s Party (UP) and Member of Parliament (MP) Theo Heyliger and the party-board “commend the men and women of the Sint Maarten police force for their successes within the past two weeks that led to several dangerous armed robbers being taken off the streets,” the party said in a press statement.

We have taken note of the recent joint operation between the Gendarmes and our local police force that resulted in the apprehension of four suspects who are thought to be responsible for armed robberies committed on both sides of the island,” the UP said in a press statement.

These robbers are suspected of aggressive and violent robberies.  Thanks to the cooperation between both law enforcement agencies of the French and Dutch sides, an end has been brought to this group.  This is a result of the Police Cooperation Treaty that exists to fight cross-border crime.”

Everybody has a role to play in fighting crime.  It cannot be left up to the men and women in blue.  They need the help of the community to fight crime effectively, and therefore every law-abiding member of the community has to be the eyes and ears of our police force if we really want to take a big bite out of crime,” the release states.

At the same time, our men and women in blue also need to have the necessary tools and protections for them and their families.  They put their lives on the line every day for our community and for our visitors.  We must ensure that they are taken care of for the sacrifice that they make every day in serving our community – to protect and serve,” the UP stated.  

An urgent Central Committee meeting requested by UP MPs Franklin Meyers and Tamara Leonard and independent MP Leona Marlin-Romeo about the status of insurance coverage for police officers and their families; has been scheduled for this Friday at 10 a.m. with the Minister of Justice.

Source: Today SXM UP-leader commends police for arrest robbery-suspects