UPDATED: Jouvert victim of spiked drink hospitalized

Rachelle Thomas 4GREAT BAY – Family members and friends of 20-year-old, Rachelle Thomas, want questions answered following an incident, which allegedly occurred on Jouvert morning.
According to initial reports, Thomas was allegedly given a ‘spiked’ drink, causing a vein rupture in her brain.
It is alleged that Thomas was given a drink which was laced with the drug ‘Extacy’.
Friends and family members of the young lady are now turning to social media to send prayers and hope for the best.
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Caption photo: Rachelle Thomas. Taken from Facebook.
Rachelle Thomas 5UPDATE: Condition of Rachelle Thomas critical. Too critical to even be flown out for treatment. Family and friends are praying for Rachelle Thomas, but the worst is being feared based on information reaching TODAY.SX. We will be updating this newspage periodically on the condition of young, Rachelle Thomas.
CAY HILL – Rachelle Thomas remains in a vegetative state at the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) where family and friends pray and hope for a miracle.
Information from close family members indicate that Rachelle began complaining of a severe headache during the day on Thursday following the Jouvert jump up and was taken to her home to retrieve her doctor card with intentions of simply visiting a doctor. Within a short while after that the young lady was admitted to the hospital in critical condition.
At the hospital it was first unclear what the problem was until tests were done on Rachelle and her body was found to be laced with the ecstasy drug (MDMA). Following this discovery Rachelle’s condition quickly deteriorated and became too unstable to be flown off island for treatment. Later on Thursday she was pronounced as brain dead.
It was reported by different members of the family that a vein had ruptured in the young woman’s head causing severe bleeding in the brain. As of Friday, April 28th, doctors have stated that nothing more could be done to save her life. Test results were also sent to the Dominican Republic, but analysis done there gave the same outcome.
Ecstasy or MDMA is a popular club drug that takes its users on a major trip. Ecstasy in large or concentrated quantities can cause overdoses and may produce fatality by heart failure or extreme heat stroke.
As of today, Sunday April 30th, Rachelle is still at the St. Maarten Medical Center surrounded by family and friends. Many Facebook users have poured out support for her and prayers are being offered on her behalf. There are also messages being shared via Whatsapp asking others to join in and pray that something happens to bring her back.

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