VROMI agrees to grant PDP Marina permission to remove wrecks

Cole Bay — On Wednesday, October 18th, 2017, Jeff Boyd, President and Managing Director for the Yacht Club at the Port De Plaisance marina on behalf of Marine Management and Consulting NV, was really upset and at his wit’s end. “He is beyond frustration,” a company spokesperson wrote to Today.sx.

What was the problem? As the yacht club makes preparations for the upcoming yachting season with the hope to re-open the marina on November 1st, Jeff Boyd and his team were ready to pull out sunken boats from the marina. However, up til yesterday, the marina company was not able to get a permit to remove damaged and sunken vessels. VROMI officials were reported as saying there were issues regarding the registrations of these boats.

Nevertheless, officials at PDP marina were ready to move forward with their salvaging plans to remove the sunken boats from the marina. However, they were concerned that VROMI authorties may try to have them arrested for doing their work. Therefore, Jeff Boyd tried desperately to get an urgent answer to his queries to VROMI to get moving forward with their plans.

“The place is a mess and we need the press to come and have a look.” said a staff member at the marina when a Today.sx photographer showed up to take pictures.

At the end of the day, the company spokesperson reported that VROMI officials had agreed to grant permission to remove the sunken vessels.


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Source: TODAY http://today.sx/marine/vromi-agrees-grant-pdp-marina-permission-remove-wrecks/