Vromi discusses development Vorst-property with APS

St. Maarten – Vromi-Minister Angel Meyers has met with representatives of General Pension Fund APS to discuss the future of the Vorst property the government bought last year. It leased the property for a symbolic guilder to the pension fund.

“I found that there is no development agreement between APS and the government,” Meyers said yesterday. “In our meeting we discussed the way forward. The objective is to develop affordable housing for young professionals.”

A working group consisting of representatives from Vromi and APS will do research and present an action plan. “That should be the basis for a concrete development proposal,” the minister said.

Meyers said that the management contract for the landfill had gone to Robelto, the company that submitted the winning bid. The contract is for two years. The minister did not mention the value of the contract.

The waste-to-energy project will be developed within the next two years, Meyers said.

Source: Today SXM Vromi discusses development Vorst-property with APS