Wakeup call

One could argue that there are some oddballs among the citizens who registered a political party with the Electoral Council yesterday, but the fact that an astonishing seven new parties surfaced is a sign that the people are very unhappy with the performance of the body politics.

That this unhappiness has triggered tremendous preparedness to participate in the political process is a positive development.

It seems that citizens across the board are so frustrated with the political instability that they eagerly want to jump on the bandwagon in efforts to make a difference.

This is all part of the excitement before elections – we have seen it all before, and we will see it again. What matters is how prepared all these newcomers are to commit to real change that will bring the country the stability it craves and that it so desperately needs.

Unfortunately, we will only get to know this after the elections. All the same – seven new parties – that’s what we would describe as a wakeup call for the political establishment.

Source: Today SXM Wakeup call