“We will spearhead implementation of sustainable development”

St.maarten – The term sustainable development seems to have become a catchphrase amongst current and aspiring decision makers without serious contemplation about what it truly means, Leader of the United St. Maarten (US) party MP Frans Richardson says. “Two million tourists in two years sounds nice to say, but it is detached from reality and definitely not sustainable. We do not have that carrying capacity,” Richardson said.

Sustainable development is a key aspect in the manifesto of the US party now available online via the party’s Facebook page.

“This term is often used but its implementation has until now been seldom pursued. The United St. Maarten Party aims to change this and will spearhead the initiatives to implement sustainable development practices on St. Maarten,” he said.

“Sustainable Development is about long-term vision and planning; it is about meeting the needs of today’s citizens and society without adversely affecting the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. As tourism and tourism related services are the driving force of St. Maarten’s economy, accounting for an estimated 80 percent of the island’s economic activity, sustainable development in St. Maarten, calls for sustainable tourism, our main economic pillar.”

“Sustainable tourism refers to tourism which is developed and maintained in such a manner and scale that it remains viable in the long run and does not degrade the social, natural and cultural environment in which it exists to such an extent that it prohibits the successful development of other activities,” he added.

Source: Today SXM “We will spearhead implementation of sustainable development”