Woman dies after airport jet blast incident

AIRPORT—A woman, said to be a tourist died after hitting her head on a concreate block in the vicinity of the Princess Juliana International Airport. Reports reaching Today are that the woman was partaking in a regular past time of tourists to St. Maarten—hanging onto the fence behind the airport to be swept away by the jet blast. However, this time the jet blast blew her on the street where he hit her head on the concrete block. Efforts to resuscitate her by EMS workers who arrived via ambulance shortly after the incident, were unsuccessful. She was eventually taken to the St. Maarten Medical Center, but did not survive the incident.
The PJIA has previously warned thrill seekers who engage in this practice behind the airport not to do so as it is dangerous and that it will not take responsibility for any injuries caused by doing this. A sign warning of the practice is also very visible in the area. In 2012, the airport introduced measures to protect thrill seekers following recent incidents of these persons being injured while hanging on to the fence at the west end of airport. The injuries to two tourists during the Easter holiday of 2012 were not as severe, but it still prompted the PJIA to issue a statement at the time.  “Princess Juliana International Airport has always done everything within its power to enhance the personal safety of all visitors to the destination, and in particular, users and visitors to our airport. However, incidents such as this unfortunate one emphasize the need for everyone, including all our visitors to heed the clear warnings – about the dangers of jet blast – posted along the airport fence. We acknowledge the obvious attraction by visitors of planes landing so close to the beach, which has added to making the destination quite popular; nevertheless, no amount of excitement or thrill can justify putting one’s life in danger. Measures currently in place include double fencing, warning signs; and brightly-painted guardrails—all of which have been implemented in consultation with the government,” the PJIA said at the time.

Source: TODAY http://today.sx/local-news/woman-dies-airport-jet-blast-incident/