Women Entrepreneurship Day: Rena Amjad gets lifetime achievement award

Linda Richardson AB


Linda Richardson (right) was one of the women who was recognized for her contributions to society. Photo Today / Andrew Bishop

St. Maarten – Managing Director of Motorworld Car dealership Rena Amjad received the Lifetime Achievement Award in her absence at the Queens Award ceremonies which was sponsored by InfoBizz at the Blue Mall on Thursday evening. According to Infobizz Director Ife Badejo, Amjad could not attend the ceremonies because of a family emergency.

She was described as the women’s forerunner in business of St. Maarten since the business has exceeded their expectations over the years and is known as one of the fast growing dealerships on the island.

St. Maarten was among some 140 countries of the world that celebrated Women’s Entrepreneurship Day with the honoring of several women on the island. Among the women who received an award were Kyla Marishaw of Edible Bouquets, Bernice Gumbs of Photo Gumbs, Zena Lewis of Family Bookstore and Ann-Li Chung who is the Youth Ambassador for the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.

Keynote speaker Dr. Will Moreland who has been featured in the Forbes Magazine in the United States outlined the importance of women in business. He said that in the beginning that men always held the helm of business but in the case of women they are the strength behind businesses and are much more assertive.

During the event which was attended by several members of the business community several other women including Alicia Liverpool and Linda Richardson were also recognized for their contributions to the society.

Source: Today SXM Women Entrepreneurship Day: Rena Amjad gets lifetime achievement award