Women’s Network aims to increase USM-enrollment

St. Maarten News – The Women’s Island Network (Win), held a membership drive at Skip Jack’s in Simpson Bay last Wednesday.

Scell-director Natsha Gittens founded Win in August of last year, based on her vision to organize a consortium of powerful women on the island to embrace and mentor young women and empower women as a whole to pursue educational opportunities at the University of St. Martin and the University of the Virgin Islands at USM.

The membership drive was held to provide local women information about Win and give them the opportunity to join the progressive women’s group to increase awareness of the degree programs offered at USM, including GED and Associates degree programs, accredited BTEC Hospitality, Bachelors and Masters Degrees.

“I am committed to the University of St. Martin,” Gittens said in a press release. “I believe in our programs and I am determined to build enrollment for both women and men over the next year. Win is just one of the organizations that will allow the community to view their university in a different light than in past years. It is imperative that the community embrace their motherland university and begin taking advantage of the degree programs we have to offer. This commitment will ensure that we are grooming our next generation leaders at our local university, increasing our chances that they will be fully committed to growth and economic development of our country. We must all reinvestment in USM, and commit to at least one members of every household earning a degree from it.”

To become a part of Win or to become a WIN Ambassador, email tia.thompson@usmonline.net, call 554 24 37, or visit http://scell.usmonline.onl/.

Source: Today SXM Women’s Network aims to increase USM-enrollment