Wuite fuels drive towards orange economy

St.maarten– Representatives from Sint Maarten’s creative industries met last Monday at the John Larmonie Center to discuss their needs for growth, support & incentives over the next years to prepare a program that facilitates opportunities for further development. This initiative was brought forward by DP candidate Jorien Wuite who is dedicated to supporting our orange economy.

An “orange economy” is an economic sector based on development of creative industries through innovation, cultural heritage, and economics. Within the orange economy are orange collars – these are our musicians, film and documentary producers, writers, dancers, graphic designers, painters, photographers, concert promoters & event planners, architects, fashion designers, chef’s and foodies.

The group of 25 attendees consisted of a broad array of representatives from Sint Maarten’s creative industries such as poetry, storytelling, radio, education, calypso, strategy, innovation, dance, standup comedy, choreography, communications, banking, graphic artistry, galleries, movies and series development, writing, painting, carpentry, wildlife preservation, travel, and culture.

One of the key conclusions of the debate was that Sint Maarten has vast opportunities in expanding its creativity and turning it into a profit generating industry. “In order to propel our orange economy, it was suggested that more structure would be given to the industries by creating a guild that would represent the interest of such industry stakeholders,” Wuite said in a oppress statement. “That guild should work on a master plan together with government to set up and develop a sustainable “orange economy” with much needed regulation and incentives for long term growth. This initiative is close to my heart and that of the Democratic Party and we stand committed to seeing this project become a reality, no matter what the outcome of this election will be, we will continue with these productive consultations and one day bring it to floor of parliament for deliberations.”
Source: Today SXM Wuite fuels drive towards orange economy