1 ship on New Year’s Day, six ships on Wednesday | THE DAILY HERALD

PORT–Cruise ship MS Braemar with its 929 passengers and 371 crew will the first ship in port for 2019 and the only one to visit on New Year’s Day. This slight lull will be followed by a six-ship day on Wednesday.

  Cruise ship MSC Preziosa was scheduled to call on Tuesday, but ship executives opted to change this call to Wednesday. Joining that ship in port are Allure of the Seas, Azura, Royal Princess, AIDAdiva and Costa Pacifica. The ships represent a floating population of 23,000 passengers and 8,000 crew

  MSC Preziosa and Costa Pacifica will be in port until later in the evening on Wednesday.

  Port St. Maarten management said 2019 will continue to see high cruise ship numbers. “All cruise stakeholders have a role to play in order to maintain the attraction of the destination to cruise passengers and crew,” they said.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/84082-1-ship-on-new-year-s-day-six-ships-on-wednesday