10 kilos of Cocaine discovered by customs officer last week

POINTE BLANCHECustoms Officers confiscated approximately 10 kilos of cocaine hidden in a steel tube loaded in a container that arrived from Jamaica on Tuesday, March 22. With assistance of the Fire Department the steel tubes were cut open to remove the cocaine, according to a press release from the Customs Department.

I have never seen drugs concealed so well, we brought in our dogs and found the drugs hidden in these tubes. The heavy equipment provided by the fire department was the only way we were able to cut the tubes open and find the drugs,” said Head of the Customs Department A.J.G. Doran.page8b268

A few days later, on March 28, Customs found almost 150 kilos of marijuana in a container that also arrived from Jamaica. The drugs were found after a regular check on containers entering the harbour stated the head of Customs. The marijuana was packed in several buckets.

“We are now conducting an intense investigation. It is known for whom the container is destined, but due to ongoing investigations no further information can be released at this moment,” Doran said on Tuesday.

Source: The Daily Herald 10 kilos of Cocaine discovered by customs officer last week