100 per cent pass rate at MAC-CSE

The MAC-CSE building.


PHILIPSBURG–The Methodist Agogic Center-Comprehensive Secondary Education (MAC-CSE) has a lot to celebrate after receiving what the school referred to as “outstanding results” in its Caribbean Examinations Council’s – Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CXC-CCSLC) exam results. MAC-CSE is the first school in St. Maarten to have started this form of examination on the island and since its inception the school has yielded “great results.”

  This year the school successfully gained 100 per cent passing rate in the six core subjects: English, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Spanish/French and Social Studies. “Each student sat the general five subjects, while for the first time two students were able to sit all six including both the languages,” MAC-CSE said.

  In English, 30 students obtained mastery and five obtained competencies; in French six obtained mastery and 12 competencies; in Integrated Science 21 obtained mastery and 13 competencies; in Mathematics 24 mastery and 13 competencies; in Social Studies 20 mastery and 16 competencies; in Spanish six masters and 12 competencies.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/68767-100-per-cent-pass-rate-at-mac-cse