1,077 trained, 1,241 certifications issued in Emergency Income Support Training prog. | THE DAILY HERALD

~90 per cent construction students found jobs ~

PHILIPSBURG–A total of 1,077 persons have been trained and 1,241 certifications issued under the Emergency Income Support and Training Programme (EISTP), which began in February 2018.

Since launched, the programme has achieved a 93-per-cent success rate. A total of 1,077 individuals were trained out of the target number of 1,155 for 2018. As it relates to certification, 448 students were certified in hospitality, 98 in culinary arts, 85 in construction, 214 in first aid, 345 in customer service and 51 in casino technical. It is important to note that students can choose to do multiple modules and be certified in multiple modules, hence the total number of certificates issued has been 1,241.

A total of 90 per cent of the construction students have found jobs after the training and the majority of those who were underemployed and trained in the hospitality sector, have returned to work within their company. The feedback from employers speaks to an increase in customer satisfaction after trained staff returned to the companies, Labour Minister Emil Lee said.

Additionally, it is also reported that there is a change in the attitude of the trained staff and they are better positioned for promotion within the company, some of whom have actually received promotions.

Lee on Wednesday highlighted the success of the programme, which is managed by Sint Maarten Training Foundation. He said the results not only showcase personal growth, but also better opportunities for participants and an overall better Sint Maarten product which helps the economy to grow and decreases the demand for foreign workers. The programme will be extended to 2020, offering training to unemployed and underemployed until June 30, 2020.

“This programme is a prime example of excellent cooperation between the private sector and government,” Lee said during the Council of Ministers press briefing. “The project is a role model for disaster recovery. As we continue to evaluate the programme, we believe it is a good project that other countries can use as a model for disaster recovery. We have done so much work on the development of this programme that if needed, the lead time to implement it again would be much shorter.”

The project aims to improve the employability of unemployed and underemployed persons, while strengthening the social protection system’s capacity for shock-response and protection of the poor. The programme currently offers training in construction, hospitality, first aid, culinary arts, and casino tech.

Sint Maarten Training Foundation and University of St. Martin (USM) have come to an agreement and as of May 20, USM has started delivering training in English as a Second Language (ESL) and as of June, culture and history will be added to the programme as well.

All interested unemployed or underemployed persons (three days of work or less) are welcome. Students who are enrolled will receive a stipends and health insurance. For more information on the available opportunities or the courses, contact Sint Maarten Training Foundation at tel. 520 -7574, or directly sign up via the Labour Affairs Office.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/87900-1-077-trained-1-241-certifications-issued-in-emergency-income-support-training-prog