1,200 households in Labour Force Survey

POND ISLAND–A total of 1,200 randomly selected households will be visited by Department of Statistics interviewers for the just-launched Labour Force Survey. The survey aims to gather vital information about the country’s employment, educational background of residents, types of jobs, and whether income levels are improving or deteriorating, among other details.

The 10-woman team of interviewers started their rounds on Monday and are expected to wrap up their collection within six to eight weeks. The preliminary results are expected by the end of May.

The 45-minute-long survey, last conducted in 2013, will give Government data on which to build its policies and programmes. The last survey spawned targeted unemployment drives by the Department of Labour and has links to the “Be Your Own Boss” project of the Small Business Development Foundation (SBDF).

Statistics Department Head Makini Persaud-Hickinson said at a press conference held in the Government Administration Building on Pond Island that this survey is past due, as the aim is to conduct one yearly. However, there is no lack of data, because several other national surveys were carried out from 2013 to date.

Residents of the selected households are mandated by law to take the fully confidential survey.

“Once we have the full cooperation from the public, this will enable us to update our statistics and this provides policy-makers with facts that they can use to assist the community and specific groups who may need special attention,” said Persaud-Hickinson.

The response rate of the previous survey stood at some 82 per cent.

Senior Statistician and Labour Force Survey Project Leader Joy-Ann van Arneman and the Tourism, Economic Affairs and Transportation, and Telecommunication (TEATT) Minister’s policy advisor Julian Lake encouraged selected residents to cooperate with the interviewers.

Interviewers will visit households during the day and no later than 7:30pm.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/62950-1-200-households-in-labour-force-survey