133 teachers receive aid from WITU office

A long queue of teachers formed outside the WITU office on Friday to collect the financial relief aid.

MADAME ESTATE–Some 133 teachers who are paying members of Windward Islands Teachers Union (WITU) collected Hurricane Irma financial relief aid from the union’s office in Madame Estate on Friday.

  The union has a total of about 265 paying members; hence more teachers are still to receive aid. Once teachers go on pension their membership dues are no longer deducted or paid. Each teacher received a cheque of equal amount in aid.

  To receive the aid, teachers had to fill in their names and sign a list acknowledging that they had received the aid. Some teachers are on a list to receive theirs once the union has a new chequebook. Those who did not visit the office on Friday will be added to the list and when their cheques are ready they will be called to pick them up.

  WITU President Claire Elshot said a large number of teachers had begun to form at the union’s office from Friday afternoon as teachers went to receive their aid. She said the event was uneventful and “went well.”

  The aid given to teachers is from the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT). It was channelled to the WITU via Educational International, with which WITU is affiliated.

Teachers inside the WITU office to collect their aid.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/71745-133-teachers-receive-aid-from-witu-office