18 COVID-19 cases now on Dutch side, 14 men and 4 women | THE DAILY HERALD

The latest tally of COVID-19 cases for the Dutch side as of April 1. 

PHILIPSBURG–Two more persons have tested positive for the coronavirus COVID-19 in Dutch St. Maarten as of April 1, bringing the total tally for the Dutch side to 18.

  The 18 positive cases include 14 men and 4 women. A total of six persons are currently hospitalized – five of the positive cases and one person whose results are pending, figures provided by the Department of Communications (DCOMM) show.

  According to the figures, a total of 259 persons had been in self quarantine up to Wednesday; 104 in self isolation (persons who are showing symptoms); 64 tested of which 18 are positive, 39 negative and seven pending.

  One person is suspected to have died from the highly infectious virus. No details have been provided on the deceased such as the age and gender of the person, whether they had an underlying condition and whether they had recently travelled or had contact with a recently travelled person or contact with a positive case.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/18-covid-19-cases-now-on-dutch-side-14-men-and-4-women


  1. ( sorry if this comes thru twice I do not think I hit the submit button )
    Ideas to consider: Recent cases and research show 14 day isolation is not long enough. Best to search the web & see. Cases of folks 21-30 days later. Carry a handtowel with alcohol on it. Wear glasses & gloves. Do not touch even outside of gloves when removing. I am letting mail, groceries, deliveries sit a few days before touching. Glossy surfaces will keep active virus on them up to 3 days, clothing ( material ) 1 day, cardboard, paper & plastic (boxes of soda, canned goods, cereal boxes, etc) 2 days. Use even an old sock over hands to pump gas. Also, cash n coins… use gloves (or soon wash hands) and any change, that cashier gives back put aside and do not touch for a few days.

    Voice vapor carries, why so important to stand apart. Breezes carry, it takes only a micron of this virus inhaled.

    Defeat the ghost! Stay home, and give everyone space, like courteously stepping back from cashier and limit talking.

    I love everyone on the island. This is extremely unique virus that wants to sneak to people so many invisible ways. You can win! SXM people are proven winners !!

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