18 pregnant women have the Zika virus

MARIGOT–The number of pregnant women in St. Martin infected by the Zika virus rose by one last week, with the number now reaching eighteen, the latest bulletin from Institut de Veille Sanitaire (INVS) stated.

This is an accumulated figure since the emergence of the virus. There was no mention of microcephaly cases after giving birth. Only one person is being treated for neurological complications as a result of Zika. No one has died from being infected with the Zika virus.
The number of medical consultations with a physician by persons having Zika dropped for the fourth consecutive week, with 75 cases estimated last week.
Since the emergence of the virus, 1,895 clinically suspected cases have been seen by a family doctor.
In St. Barths a further 65 suspected cases were reported last week bringing the total of clinically suspected cases to 440. Two pregnant women have been infected by the virus. No neurological complications were reported.

Source: Daily Herald
18 pregnant women have the Zika virus