1,800 requests for voucher prog., phase 2 to start soon


PHILIPSBURG–The Department of Labour Affairs and Social Services has received more than 1,800 applications for its basic necessities voucher programme.

  The Department said in a press release on Wednesday that it is continuously processing the applications according to its criteria in accordance with a policy framework and guidelines.

  The programme is being carried out in phases. Phase one will end on Friday, December 1, and the Ministry will move to Phase two which is a more community-based approach.


  Phase 2 will focus on “increasing and solidifying,” the reach within the community, with the help of community leaders, volunteer organisations, religious entities, and non-profit, non-governmental organisations, through the collaborative efforts of Community Development, Family and Humanitarian Affairs (CDFHA).

  As a result, no more applications will be distributed via the Government Administration Building. “Most of the numbers to apply at the Government Administration Building have been handed out, so there is no need to rush to the building over the next few days,” it was stated in a press release. “Persons within the communities will be contacted via identified organisations, which will be published in the near future, and persons will be able to submit an application for a voucher through this means.”

  Social Affairs Minister Emil Lee thanked the staff of the Department of Social Services and Labour Affairs, who he said had been working extremely hard since the passing of Hurricane Irma to ensure persons reaching out for assistance can register for this. “Many of the staff members are also faced with challenging personal situations, but still come to work every day to help others. At times, the clients are also facing difficult times and may be agitated, some stressed making it a very difficult working environment under very stressful circumstances, and I think they have been doing a tremendous job,” Lee said.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/71415-1-800-requests-for-voucher-prog-phase-2-to-start-soon