20 have interviews at Semsamar job dating


MARIGOT–Twenty young people participated in the job dating session on Monday, organised by Association Sem Ta Route and Pôle Emploi at the Semsamar offices, but they will have to wait about a week to hear if they will be offered jobs.

Sem Ta Route is the social insertion arm of Semsamar, helping young people to obtain gainful employment.

The 20 unemployed youths were selected from about 40 applications, and were in turn given a training session by Pôle Emploi on how to present themselves for a job interview; how to dress, how to communicate clearly and how to prepare for the sort of questions a potential employer will ask.


Half a dozen employers representing different trades such as electrician, plumber, carpenter, mason, metal worker and general construction were present to conduct the short interviews. Also there was Tony Levy, President of consulting firm La FAC that advises the employers on what sort of contracts should be offered to successful candidates, based on the type of work, number of hours they will work etcetera.

“It was an interesting experience,” commented Anthony who is hoping to get a job as a carpenter. “The employers asked us a lot of questions and told us about their companies. I have a little experience as a carpenter, but they said I can be trained. I thought that was good because I didn’t learn a trade in school.”

Director of Sem Ta Route Karen Kelly Mamie noted that when the job dating sessions first started companies were invited to take part but were not obligated.

“Now companies that have contracts with Semsamar have a clause in the contract that stipulates they have to employ a certain amount of young people,” she said.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/68362-20-have-interviews-at-semsamar-job-dating