20 youngsters chosen for ‘Sherakhan’ day excursion | THE DAILY HERALD

Super yacht “Sherakhan”

SIMPSON BAY–The twenty young people who have been selected to be on board the superyacht Sherakhan for the Maritime Excursion Day organised by Caribbean Sail Training (CST) for Saturday, February 29, have been named.

They are Mikias Michaux, Leonie Castaing, Etan Wery, Giri Bell Enzo, Mathis Pujos, Gue Aly, Saint van Elise, Basile Julio, Williams Gael, Marijke De Rijk, Paul Speetjens, Ashley Lenealla Herbert, Tharisha Maria Genaro, Disha Sharma, Lucas Seeman Frigerio, Semkiv Vadym, Robmar Goedhart, Ckendi Thomas, Dhrishti Haresh Shahani and Sanil Khatnani.

Parents have been asked separately to sign waivers for their children and return them to CST by February 28.

The group will get to see first-hand the operation of a superyacht and enjoy lunch and water-sports activities at a stop during the day sail. The initiative stems from a collaboration between CST and Sherakhan to stimulate awareness of the mega-yacht industry and the maritime industry as a whole for possible future careers.

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